2016 Oct 5 - Our bronze K9 has been placed on his boulder at the site and lighting has been installed. The cement foundation is also done.

PHASE 2 FUNDRAISING UNDERWAY - We are working to install the granite walls by April 2018. The center panel will include "The Guardians of the Night" poem and pictures of K9s while the two outer panels will bear the names of sponsored K9s. 

2015 September 27 - Our first ceremony was held with the retirement of Pierce Township's K9 Razec. It was a beautiful ceremony. Update: Razed passed away on 2/3/2017. He will be missed.


2015 November 13 - Work is underway on our bronze sculpture that will serve as the centerpiece of the Memorial. Salt Lake City, UT sculptor, Lena Toritch of Young Fine Studios is the artist, Amelia PD K9 Gator is the model.

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2016 June 1 - Our Sculptor, Lena Toritch has completed the molding of the badge and collar our K9 statue will wear. He's looking pretty official now.

PHASE 2 DEDICATION!!!!!- We will be dedicating the Memorial on May 19, 2018 at 1PM! All are welcome.